Billy Reed the Musical Characters:

The main characters in Billy Reed come from many different walks of life, but most share a great passion for love. Each role is unique and presents the actor with specific challenges. A brief description of the main characters is provided, below, illustrating likely qualities in those characters.

BILLY REED - Male Lead, Tenor. Pop/Rock. Stage Age: 27. Athletic/Dancer or skinny build. Dance skills required. Strong Actor. Character description: Billy is a famous pop star who has been popular ever since he was a child.  Think Justin Timberlake or Justin Bieber.  Billy is frustrated with the troubles that come along with fame and fortune and he aggressively lets those feelings out early in the show. He decides to take on a fake identity and blend in the “real world”. Katie is the first person to break through his armor after he has gone into hiding, but Billy must fight the demons of his past existence in order to find true love. Billy’s emotional journey starts with anger and aggression in the first scene. He soon finds love and then feels the pain of being dumped. Eventually he realizes his mistakes and how to make up for them with the show ending in his achievement of finding love without needing fame or deception. It’s an emotional roller coaster as Billy transitions from an extraordinary life to “real” life and eventually finding a balance.

KYLIE THOMPSON: Female Lead, Mezzo-Soprano, Pop/Rock. Stage Age: 23. Dancer build. Dance skills required. Strong Actor. Character description: Kylie is a small town girl from Wisconsin who’s family is very religious. She finds herself pregnant out of wedlock while the father has run away. Instead of disgracing her family she decides to run away to Chicago. Despite all of her troubles, Kylie is a very upbeat and optimistic person. She has made several friends in Chicago but is stuck living with an abusive ex-boyfriend. Billy is the first man she ever truly falls in love with, but finds herself betrayed when she sees Billy kiss another woman. She falls into depression. Kylie’s journey starts with her dealing with her pregnancy news and fear of humiliating her family. She eventually finds love with Billy, but has to still deal with an Wolfgang, her abusive ex-boyfriend. Just as she reaches the height of her happiness it all comes crashing down. Her friends try to cheer her up, but with little effect. It takes Billy coming clean on his identity and situation before she finds true happiness and love.

DICK: Supporting Male, Tenor. Stage Age: 40-60. Short. Strong Vocal (solos - Pop/Country). Strong Actor. Character Description: Dick is Billy’s manager.  He appears to be a slime ball that is always trying to make a deal and is only concerned about money and women, but in the end is a decent guy.

MRS. WILTSHIRE: Supporting Female. Mezzo-Soprano. Pop. Stage Age: 70:  Strong Vocals (Solos). Strong Actor. Character Description: Mrs. Wiltshire is a friend and mother figure of Kylie’s. She has strong opinions and doesn’t care what others think.

STEVE: Featured Male. Stage Age: 27. Character Description: Kylie’s older brother who is a businessman. 

GEORGE, EDITH & DON: Featured. Stage Age: 70s. Good rappers. Character Description: Elderly people at the day care. They love Kylie and hate Wolfgang

CONGA MARLA: Featured Female. Stage Age: 45. Dancer build. Strong Vocal (Solo - Latin) and Dance skills required. Character description: She is a friend of Billy’s and a club owner. She is loud and confident. Jamaican accent.